Mic Check – Sixty Years After The August 6th 1962 Agreement With Great Britain Jamaica PM Says The Country Is Moving On, But To What And How, Guest Prof. Rosalea Hamilton

Prof Rosalea Hamilton August 6, 2022

Professor Rosalea Hamilton is CEO of the LASCO Chin Foundation.  She was Vice President at the University of Technology, Jamaica (2008 to 2018) and was awarded a Professorship in the Scotiabank Chair in Entrepreneurship and Development. She established and led The MSME Alliance, a network of small business organizations, for ten (10) years. She also established the Institute of Law & Economics and worked as a consultant and public educator on trade, governance, gender and other areas of economic and social development.  She has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels in Jamaica and the US. She was Special Advisor and Trade Policy Consultant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (2000-2003) and served as Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister of Jamaica (May 2006-Sept 2007). She is currently a Board Director for LASCO Manufacturing Limited and National Integrity Action, a corruption watchdog organization. As Chair of the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance, she is contributing to mitigating the impact of Climate Change and fostering sustainable development by leading a Caribbean Tree Planting Project in 22 Caribbean countries/territories. During the period Feb 2020 – June 2021, more than 1.5 million trees were planted across the Caribbean. In June 2021, she was invited to be a Distinguished Scholar in The PJ Patterson Centre for African-Caribbean Advocacy. 


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